About the Animal Care & Ethics Committee

Animal research has played a vital role in the development of almost every medical treatment used today. From antibiotics and blood transfusions to cutting-edge cancer drugs, much of the medical achievements of the past century have arisen from animal studies. Research using animals continues to make vital contributions to the understanding and treatment of many major health problems we face.

At the Dasman Diabetes Institute (DDI), we are committed to the highest standards of research. We strongly endorse the principles of the “three Rs”, which entails taking every effort to replace the use of live animals, reduce the number of animals being used, and refine procedures to ensure degree of suffering is reduced to a minimum.

This is articulated through the Animal Care and Ethics Committee (ACEC), a committee that includes community representatives, veterinary surgeons, scientists and Animal Facility staff. If a scientist believes that animal research is the only way to answer an important scientific question, they must first apply for internal ethical approval from the ACEC. No scientific procedure can be undertaken if there are non-animal alternatives available to answer the same question or if it may cause unnecessary harm to the animals. The ACEC is responsible for setting, maintaining, and overseeing the implementation of high standards for animal care and ethics in research throughout DDI. This committee ensures that all DDI projects involving the use of animals are scrutinized prior to their commencement.

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Sara AlKandariACEC Chairman
Phone: +965 2224 2999 Ext. 2807
Abdulaziz AlAteeqiACEC Coordinator
Phone: +965 2224 2999 Ext. 3330