The principal investigator conducting research shall submit an electronic Animal Experimentation Protocol (AEP) form to the ACEC coordinator at

The ACEC coordinator screens the protocols to determine that all questions have been answered and checks on the Occupational Health Program enrollment as well as training status of all listed personnel. The ACEC coordinator then forwards a copy of the protocol ACEC Chairman for pre-review.

The Chairman will conduct a preliminary review of the entire protocol with an eye to helping the investigator eliminate any stumbling blocks to approval by the full Committee. Suggested modifications are provided to the principal investigator (PI); the PI may choose to modify the protocol based upon the suggestions or may request that the protocol go forward in the approval process without change.


The ACEC meets as required. A meeting will be scheduled within 3 weeks of an AEP submission. Copies of all protocols are distributed to the ACUC members prior to the ACEC meeting. The Committee meets, reviews and takes action on all protocols on the agenda.

Following discussion, protocols may undergo a vote for approval, require modification, or may be disapproved. Protocols with required modifications status are returned to the principal investigator for revision and presented at the next ACEC meeting for discussion of changes and approval (if required modifications have been made).


A majority vote of a quorum of the ACEC is required for protocol approval. If the submission fails to gain approval, the committee may require modifications in writing that can be approved by a designated reviewer or the committee may require modifications or clarifications in writing that must be approved by the full committee. If the committee votes to withhold approval, it will notify the PI in writing, stating the reasons. The PI will then be given the opportunity to respond in person or in writing, at which time the ACEC may reconsider the protocol, with documentation of the discussion in the committee meeting minutes.

The ACEC may suspend an activity not being conducted in accordance with the description provided by the PI. Suspension requires a majority vote of a quorum at a convened meeting of the committee.

Animals may not be procured until the protocol has been approved by the ACEC. Research involving animals may not begin until the PI is notified in writing that the protocol has been approved. Only those persons listed on the protocol are authorized access to the animal facilities. Additions or substitutions to this list require a protocol amendment.

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