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If you have any questions on the PG Cert/Dip/MSc in Diabetes Care, Education and Management or would like further information please email:



Tel: 2224 2999

More information regarding how to apply can be found here: How to Apply
The PG programme is a part-time course that will consist of a blend of face to face teaching, on-line material and an assessed work-based project. Each module will involve about 20 hours of intensive teaching that will be held in the Dasman Diabetes Institute. Students will then be required to complete a written assignment based around an analysis of their own work place based projects using current academic evidence. Students will be supported by educational supervisors and module leaders through email, telephone and on-line communication via the virtual learning environment.
This will depend on the level at which you enrol and how far you choose to progress through the program. The choice of modules does not change the name of the qualification which will be one of the following:

  • PG Certificate Diabetes Care, Education and Management
  • PG Diploma Diabetes Care, Education and Management
  • MSc Diabetes Care, Education and Management
The PG program is a part-time course. The time taken to complete the hours of study required for each module will vary from individual to individual. Each module is taught at SCQF level 11 and is worth 20 credits. One credit is equal to approximately 10 hours studying. Therefore each module should take about 200 hours of study time, including the face to face teaching. The Taught MSc module is worth 60 credits and involves a dissertation/research project which will involve approximately 500 hours of research time plus about 100 hours of taught material.
It is expected that students will be able to undertake 3 modules each year and so complete the certificate in 1 year, the diploma in 2 years and the MSc in 3 years.
Each module is assessed through an assignment in which the student is expected to apply their learning to a work based situation and reflect on its impact. The assignment will be written up as an electronic report and submitted to the module leader for marking. Module delivery will involve group discussions, case presentations, workshop activities and self-directed learning.
The PG program has been designed with a flexible structure to allow students to choose modules that are best suited to their individual training needs. All students must take one of the core modules ‘Modern Diabetes Care’ or The Science of Diabetes’ or ‘Organizational Approaches to Delivery of Care’ and then additional modules from the four designated groups based on the qualification level they have chosen.

PG Certificate: Core module + 1 Education module + 1 other module (60 credits)
PG Diploma: Core module + 1 Education module + 1 organizational module + 1 research module + 2 other modules (any topic) (120 credits)
MSc: PG Diploma + Taught MSc dissertation module (180 credits)

Course material will be posted to the program’s online learning environment. Here you will find on-line versions of lectures, additional reading material, links to other relevant websites, news items, discussion boards, chat rooms, links to University of Dundee student resources.
As long as you have successfully completed sufficient modules to earn the necessary credits for the PG Certificate or PG Diploma then you can choose to exit the program at any point and you will receive the qualification appropriate for the number of credits you have acquired.
An individual who wishes to apply for recognition of their Accredited Experiential Prior Learning may do so up to a maximum of 40 credits for the Diploma. To apply for APEL the individual should discuss and provide evidence of their prior learning with the Program Director (Professor Mairi Scott) Please email dasman-education@dundee.ac.uk for further information.
An individual who wishes to apply for recognition of their Accredited Experiential Prior Learning may do so up to a maximum of 60 credits for MSc. To apply for APEL the individual should discuss and provide evidence of their prior learning with the Programme Director (Professor Mairi Scott). Please email dasman-education@dundee.ac.uk for further information.
The program has been designed to be completed without the need for students to leave Kuwait.
As part of its mission to prevent, control and mitigate the impact of Diabetes in Kuwait through effective programmes of training and education, the Dasman Diabetes Institute will pay for the cost of the PG programme for Kuwaiti citizens only. However, DDI will require you to demonstrate your commitment to attending and completing the programme by providing a deposit at the start of the programme. This deposit will be refunded when you complete the course for which you applied. The amount of the deposit is as follows:

  • PG Certificate or Diploma – 1,000Kd
  • PG MSC – 1,750Kd

The deposit is payable to the Dasman Diabetes Institute and can be paid as a single sum or in installments within the first two weeks upon receiving the acceptance letter.

Pay by Installment plan:

  • 3 payments before the start of each module presentation over the first year you attend the program
  • For the Certificate/Diploma Installments will be: 1st Installment , 400Kd; 2nd and 3rd installments, 300Kd
  • For the MSc installments will be: 1st Installment, 750Kd; 2nd and 3rd installments, 500Kd

Payments should be made to Ms Suzana Fernandes in the Dasman accounts department on level 3 before the start of each module. Suzana will also be available to take payments as part of registration on the first day (Saturday) of each face to face teaching week. If you wish to contact Ms Suzana her number is 2224 2999 Ext. 3061

For inquiries, please contact dasman.education@dasmaninstitute.org