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How to Apply

Applications are now closed for September 2016Upcoming application date will be announced shortly.


Guidance notes are provided within the application form. You will need to include the following documents as part of the application procedure:

All courses are taught in English. You must have a very good standard of written and spoken English in order to be successful in your academic studies. We require applicants to provide certification of their English language qualifications. Where possible, you should send a copy of your certificate with your application. If you are unable to provide evidence of formal English Language qualifications, we may assess your level of English language during the application process.
You will be asked to list your work experience. Use your personal statement to highlight experience relevant to your application for PG Cert/Dip/MSc.
In this section of the application, please complete the name and contact details of two referees. The selection committee will contact your referees if they think it is necessary.
Please make sure that you use your personal statement to explain to the selection committee why you should be accepted for a place on the PG Cert/Dip/ MSC Diabetes Care, Education and Management. Personal statements should be about 500 words. Remember that entry on to the course will be competitive. The selection committee will use your CV, work experience and personal statement to help them choose the best candidates.
If you have any changes to your application please send them to

Please remember to carefully review your application and supporting documentation before you submit.

Admission Requirements

All healthcare and healthcare related professionals in Kuwait are eligible to apply, providing they meet the following University of Dundee admission requirements.

Candidates must have:

  • Attended a University, or other institution approved by the Faculty Board
  • Obtained a first degree in a healthcare discipline or other equivalent qualification acceptable to the Programme Director
  • Demonstrate competence in English language at a level satisfactory to the University. (IELTS of 6.5 or equivalent).

We require applicants to provide certification of their English language qualifications. Where possible, you should send a copy of your certificate with your application. If you are unable to provide evidence of formal English Language qualifications, we may assess your level of English language during the application process.

Please note, due to funding stipulations, preference is given to applicants from GCC countries and physicians wishing to join the programme.

Candidates enter at Postgraduate Certificate level unless granted specific accreditation for prior learning as noted below.

Please carefully read through the information below before you apply.

The course is open to all healthcare and healthcare and healthcare management related professionals in Kuwait who meet the entrance requirements of the University of Dundee.

The program of modules has been primarily designed for those with a clinical training but a number of modules are suitable for those with a clinical or non-clinical training and a background in healthcare management.  We are happy to accept applications from non-clinically trained professionals whose work is relevant to improving the healthcare of people with diabetes and other chronic diseases. There are now three core modules to allow both clinical and non-clinical trained professionals complete the program.

Clinical Core = Modern Diabetes Care (Physicians)

Non-Clinical core= The Science of Diabetes (Lab/Science Based)

Management core = Organisational Approaches to Delivery of Care (Management/Professionals)

You can apply for either the PG Certificate, PG Diploma or PG MSc. Please note that the level of the programme you choose has no bearing on the selection procedure. Once accepted it is possible to change the level of qualification you wish to achieve. For example, you may choose to apply for the PG Certificate initially and then decide that you wish to continue your studies to receive a higher qualification. Alternatively, you may apply for the MSc and then find later that circumstances change so that you no longer have the resources to commit to the programme. In that situation you can exit early and will still receive a qualification (Certificate or Diploma), depending on the number of credits you have obtained.
Please consider the time you will be able to commit to studying when choosing the qualification in your application. Each module requires an average commitment of 20 hours per week. Each module requires you to complete a work-based assignment as well as attending four days of face to face teaching. To pass the MSc you will need to complete six modules and the Taught MSc module. This would normally be expected to take 3 years.
Modules are presented three times a year, starting in September, January and May (Autumn, Spring and Summer) with a range of modules being delivered each time. Students can sign up for modules in any order. Each module runs for 12 weeks. There is an orientation week for new students before the module starts. At the beginning of the module students attend for intensive study over 4 days at the DDI.
As part of its mission to prevent, control and mitigate the impact of Diabetes in Kuwait through effective programmes of training and education, the Dasman Diabetes Institute will pay for the cost of the PG programme for Kuwaiti citizens only. However, DDI will require you to demonstrate your commitment to attending and completing the programme by providing a deposit at the start of the programme. This deposit will be refunded when you complete the course for which you applied. The amount of the deposit is as follows:

  • PG Certificate or Diploma – 1,000Kd
  • PG MSC – 1,750Kd

The deposit is payable to the Dasman Diabetes Institute and can be paid as a single sum or in installments within the first two weeks upon receiving the acceptance letter.

Pay by Installment plan:

  • 3 payments before the start of each module presentation over the first year you attend the program
  • For the Certificate/Diploma Installments will be: 1st Installment , 400Kd; 2nd and 3rd installments, 300Kd
  • For the MSc installments will be: 1st Installment, 750Kd; 2nd and 3rd installments, 500Kd

Payments should be made to Ms Suzana Fernandes in the Dasman accounts department on level 3 before the start of each module. Suzana will also be available to take payments as part of registration on the first day (Saturday) of each face to face teaching week. If you wish to contact Ms Suzana her number is 2224 2999 Ext. 3061

For inquiries, please contact