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PG Cert/Dip/MSc Diabetes Care, Education and Management

Program Delivery and Duration

Program Delivery and Duration

The PG Cert/Dip/MSc Diabetes Care, Education and Management is a student-centred work-based learning course that combines face to face teaching supported by online study materials, and an assessed work-based project. Each module draws upon the student’s own professional experience as a basis for examining module themes. After initial lectures and group activities introducing key concepts, students develop a project based on their work settings. Undertaking and reflecting upon the experience and outcome of the project forms the basis of the written assessment.

Students also use  an online learning environment for study.  Through this, students access a range of resources e.g. study materials, case studies, useful links to relevant websites, online tutorials, discussion forums and a network of international library resources through the online University of Dundee library.

A dedicated support team is in place for students who can  contact teachers and educational supervisors via email, or telephone for help with module selection, assignments and general study support.

How much time is needed for study?

Each module is worth 20 SCQF level 11 credits. Each credit is considered to equal 10 hours study, therefore to complete 1 module should take about 200 hours, to complete the PG Certificate should take about 600 hours and the Diploma 1200 hours. The actual time required depends upon the individual student’s ability to commit time and resources to the programme but a recommended requirement is 16 hours per week. Students should ensure their availability for the 20 hours of study at the Dasman Diabetes Institute at the start of each module. Some of this study time is incorporated into the time spent on implementing the work-based project for the assessment.

How is each module structured?

Each module is twelve weeks long. To introduce key concepts and skills, students attend the Dasman Diabetes Institute for 20 hours of intensive study spread over 4 days with University of Dundee faculty teaching staff. For the rest of the module, students work independently, maintaining contact with fellow-learners and teachers via the  online learning environment and also the Dasman Diabetes Institute. Students complete the module by submitting an examinable project-based assignment.