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Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma/MSc Diabetes Care, Education and Management

The PG Cert/Dip/MSc in Diabetes Care, Education and Management is a postgraduate program of work-based study relevant to healthcare professionals, as well as those professionals working directly with patients in both the public and private sectors. This program is also available to those in Education and Management who wish to use it to facilitate their career in healthcare management.  These qualifications are presented and awarded by the University of Dundee. The University of Dundee partnership with the Dasman Diabetes Institute creates a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals and those involved in healthcare management, to study the most contemporary knowledge and practices in modern Diabetes Care, Education and Management. Students choose a study pathway from four key areas: clinical provision, education, research and management.

Relevance to Career Development

The program aims to enable those working in the field of Diabetes care and healthcare management to gain sound evidence-based knowledge of the clinical, education and organizational components of modern Diabetes care so that they can contribute effectively to implementing a high quality evidence-based clinical service. Postgraduate study is not only about extending subject knowledge. At this advanced level of study, students strengthen their analytical, problem-solving and communication skills and thereby increase their professional effectiveness. By achieving a qualification in Diabetes Care and Education, graduates in Kuwait are well placed to contribute to the prevention, management and understanding of this serious and widespread disease.

In partnership with the Dasman Diabetes Institute, Kuwait

As part of its mission to prevent, control and mitigate the impact of Diabetes in Kuwait through effective education programmes, the Dasman Diabetes Institute will pay for the cost of this postgraduate programme for public sector and Ministry of Health employees, and successful applicants working for other public institutions. Successful applicants working within the private sector will be charged a fee to cover costs.
“The strength of our collaboration with NHS Tayside is that the new educational program is grounded in excellent up-to-date clinical care. Together we have been working with the Dasman Diabetes Institute in Kuwait to create an educational program designed to meet the needs of health care workers in Kuwait”, Professor Mairi Scott, Program Education Director and Director of Professional Development Academy, University of Dundee.

“We are very excited about the global reach of this partnership. This innovative network embeds education, informatics and quality improvement at the heart of health care transformation.”
Professor Andrew Morris, Chief Scientist, Scottish Government Health Directorate
“The joint development of a programme that combines education, research and enhanced clinical care for patients with diabetes between Kuwait and Dundee is extremely exciting – it offers real prospect for innovation and quality enhancement that will be to the benefit of all partners in the enterprise.”
Professor John Connell, Chair, NHS Tayside

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Our education program offers vocational training in clinical care, organizational change, education and research.
Read details of a national clinical skills centre in The Dasman Institute.

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