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Clinical Services

Clinical Services have been offered at Dasman Diabetes Institute (DDI) since 2009. They are an integral part of DDI’s offerings and pillars to achieve its mission and ultimately its vision. Clinical Services has grown into providing more than 7500 patients with over 30,000 medical consultations a year through an international team of more than 120 members in various clinical specialties.


Clinical Specialties

Adult Diabetology

Young Adult Diabetology

Pediatric Diabetology

Diabetes Education


Vascular Surgery

E. N. T.


Physical Rehabilitation

Dental Health





Painful Diabetic Neuropathy




Family Medicine research


Patient Care at DDI

The Dasman Diabetes Institute (DDI) team has a holistic approach to diabetes care management and looks at the complications of the disease as well. The team is committed to providing the best quality care available and our policy is to encourage all visiting patients to speak openly with their health care providers, take part in the management of their health issues, and enhance their own safety and well-being by having up-to-date, relevant information.

The healthcare providers at DDI believe that patient care will not be complete without the patient’s active participation. Therefore, patients are encouraged to think of themselves as an active partner in their own care. With this in mind, DDI is not the usual diabetes treatment center, but rather focuses on empowering patients to take care of themselves by helping them devise complete healthcare plans which include educational, nutritional and lifestyle modification guidance. After that, patients are referred back to their original health care provider, at the Ministry of Health, to continue their follow up there. Hence, patients should expect that their journey at DDI will be a focused one that strives to optimize their diabetes health care plan. Once this is achieved, the patient would be discharged from our care and may be seen thereafter annually or if complications arise.