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Meet Our Director-General

Dr. Qais Al Duwairi

Director-General, Dasman Diabetes Institute

A message from the Director-General

On behalf of the entire team, it is a pleasure to welcome you to the Dasman Diabetes Institute Website.

At Dasman Diabetes Institute (DDI), it is our primary goal to create a platform for diabetes research, education, and care by offering a holistic approach to support our research programs. The Institute aims to increase public awareness, reduce the incidence and prevalence of diabetes and its co-morbidities, and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

As a GCC Reference Center for Diabetes Mellitus, we join the key players in the maintenance of the highest standards of diabetes care. Through our research and medical services we strive to meet the needs of the diabetic population in Kuwait.

DDI encompasses a multi-disciplinary team of national and international professionals who combine their knowledge and experience to provide quality diabetes care.

As the Director-General, it is a privilege to lead this dynamic Institute that is dedicated to not only diabetes research but also the promotion and education on the importance of healthy living within the population. We uphold a great responsibility to foster the knowledge of our youth, the future leaders of Kuwait, on the importance of diabetes prevention, early detection, management and treatment to further reduce the onset of diabetes.